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February 09 2014


4 Strategies for An effective Hip Hop Class


Hip Hop - If you're considering taking a hip hop class to find out some of the latest moves, you're in luck! The dance style is becoming more popular, which means many studios across the nation are offering these classes. Prior to signing up for lessons, consider asking if you're able to be involved in just one rap class. Some studios will let potential students have a class before paying to make sure that they like the dance style. In case you are attending a lesson, start using these tips to ensure that it is a successful one.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

Hip Hop - Unlike other kinds of dance classes, dancers inside a hip hop class should wear loose fitting clothing. Many dancers choose some sort of athletic wear, like track pants, tank tops or Tee shirts. Avoid denims, because these can restrict your movement, and shorts. You'll be doing moves which will have your legs and shins brushing the floor and pants will give you an extra layer of protection against bumps, bruises and scrapes. After a few classes, you'll be able to see what most dancers wear and you'll be in a position to mimic them if you want.

Wear Comfortable Tennis shoes

A high level dancer with experience of other designs of dance, you might currently have a couple of pairs of dedicated shoes for dance, such as tap, jazz or ballet shoes. However, when you're having a rap class, you can leave them at home and just wear your most comfortable couple of gym shoes. Choose shoes with white soles, instead of black, since this can help protect the studio floor against marks. Also ignore flimsy sneakers that are more for appearance. You will want to wear shoes who have a substantial amount of support and cushioning to help prevent injuries to your feet, knees, hips and back when you're dancing.

Practice At Home

If you can, turn on your preferred song out of your classes both at home and just start dancing. Make up your own moves, apply certain from the classes and simply have fun. When you have a freestyle portion of your lesson, show off the moves you've created -- your instructor may choose to incorporate them into a group routine.

Keep in mind that Rap Class Is Supposed To Be Fun!

Lastly, understand that you're there to have fun. The teacher will probably possess some corrections for you personally (as well as your classmates!) throughout the lesson, but realize that these corrections are only to help you become a better dancer. Everyone started when getting started at one time and corrections certainly are a section of lessons -- all things considered, you're paying of the instructor for experience and expertise so they can make you a much better dancer. Apply these corrections with a smile and you will be surprised at just how much you like your lesson.

These are just a couple of methods for you to make certain that a hiphop class is fun and successful. In case you are thinking about taking one of these brilliant classes, locate a local studio that provides many different dance lessons.

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